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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cats Hate Other Cats

(Since the ewes are crossing their legs and holding on to their babies, I'll take the opportunity to post another kitty entry.)

....cats are solitary creatures.....(warning..picture heavy..)

In no particular order, cats hating on each other.

Trinity, Meshach and Noah--think that cushion is big enough?

Gabe & Sage share the top shelf of the cat tree

Noah & Meshach on the bed

Noah & Sage in the recliner

Pile of five in front of the fire

Sage & Chaco on the cat tree

Sage & Trinity

Noah--pillow for Chaco (front) and Verity

Noah, Tempe & Trinity

Meshach & Gabe

Gabe & Noah--home again

Meshach, Trinity & Chaco

Tempe, Meshach & Trinity

Sage & Meshach (& Blue & Brown Teddy bear who are very social too)

Tempe & Trinity

Chaco, Verity, Trinity & Tempe

Sage using Chaco for a footstool

Verity, Meshach & Trinity

Three in front and two in back of the wood stove

Cat Myth # 2---False--not ALL cats hate other cats or prefer a solitary existence.

Granted it's not all sunshine and roses, but for the most part the cats are very social. However there are times when they scatter out and 'need their space' as well. I've met one or two cats in my life that did actually hate other cats, and preferred to be by themselves. Much like some people I suppose. Sage is more prickly than the others, and while he plays with them sometimes and interacts, he also doesn't like to be touched much and is vocal about it--but he feels the same way about people. It continues to be interesting to say the least, living in such a big cat family!


Nancy K. said...

You have such a beautiful (and LARGE!) cat family. Nothing can out snuggle a cat!

It does look like Noah got plenty to eat in his temporary home. ;-)

Wonderful photos

Vicki Lane said...

There's nothing like cold weather to bring a family together!

Louise said...

You certainly have a pile of absolutely gorgeous cats, who look like they all get along wonderfully. Two of mine will cuddle, but the other two are loners. Funny, but it's the two loners who are the best lap cats.

Michelle said...

Look at ol' Meshach and grumpy Sage gettin' all snuggle-buggy with the kittens! Great photos; makes me want to curl up and nap, too!

AJ-OAKS said...

Your house looks just like mine with all those kitties. The teddy bears snoozing with the cats was hilarious. You have such beautiful cats. I loved each and every pic.

Kathy said...

ROFLMAO!!!! That could be my house. :)

Tammy, you have gladdened my heart this morning - I know those kittens are right where they are supposed to be...enriching YOUR life.

(And you and I both know...cats are very social. Try reading "The Tribe of Tiger" - a book explaining and discussing the social aspect of cats.)
I think it's a case of people just now realizing that cats are very social - it's just taken our growing enough to be able to understand it.

Tammy said...

Thanks Nancy! Noah keeps food as number one priority and boy does he have a food seeking nose!
Vicki--'tis true--I expect to see less snuggling as the weather warms up.
Louise, Thank you! Sage doesn't really like to cuddle, but will 'allow' some contact with the kittens. He also is prickly about being petted, but several times a day will jump up in my lap and demand to be petted. He is always stiff as a board though and you can tell he is conflicted. ha...
Michelle, that is the problem with hanging around with cats--sleeping and lounging around becomes and art form and you want to join them. Meshach has always been a snuggler, but his previous house mates (including Sage) haven't been too receptive. I think he has really enjoyed the kittens snuggling up with him.
AJ--thank you! The teddy bears are Sage's and he keeps pretty close tabs on them.
Kathy, glad you enjoyed! Would love to see more pix of your kitty tribe!:-) It's funny the kittens just take it for granted that everyone (Sage/Meshach) are up for being snuggled with, because they've never known anything else. They always look so surprised when they get on someone's wrong side! So far there hasn't been much attempt at aggravating or picking fights with the older boys. Something I won't put up with, but nevertheless nice not to have to deal with at the moment.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I loved seeing your kitties. They all seem to get along wonderfully.

I've read a dozen books by experts that all argue that cats are solitary creatures. I haven't found that to be true either. My cats are as different as people. B will only sleep on top of another cat, Hocus doesn't seem to mind her. Cheers can't stand to have another cat within three feet of her. Toby and Ricochet play together until one gets tired and grouchy. Just like kids, all different.

I think the solitary nature comes in only if the cats are hunting for a living and don't want to share territory and scarce food. Well-fed cats are another story and quite sociable.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I lost count of how many cats you have - Tammy plus 5 or more?

Christine said...

My cat likes to snuggle with dogs. She wouldn't be caught dead near a cat. lol

Eileen said...

Very true. I've fostered a few single kittens and sick kittens who needed to be isolated for the Humane Society. They don't thrive as well without the company of other cats, even with 24/7 human care.

Tina T-P said...

Do they ever leave you a place to sit? What a glorious group! T.

Tammy said...

Interesting points Marnie. I wonder if the 'solitary cat' comes more from people acquiring a single cat, then later trying to bring another cat into the household, causing fueds etc. Even feral cats will congregate and form a social network, most of it based on familial lines. It's interesting.
Joanna--Ahem. There are eight in the house. ;-)
Christine, many of the cats here enjoy snuggling with the dogs, whether the dogs like it or not.
Eileen, That is interesting to hear. I suspected that the kitties here were not unique in enjoying the company of others of their species.
Tina--nope, I'm lucky to get to perch anywhere. And when I do, usually I end up piled down with kitties. (and thanks for the compliment!)