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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Visit to the Local Humane Society...

....wait a minute..thats my house!

How many cats do you see? There are seven in this picture (Meshach was on the bed). Sage up on top the boy's cage. The boys --Gabe and Noah-- sitting in their box and Chaco hunched by the gate. In the kitty condo next door, Trinity in her box and Tempe and Verity up on the shelf having a stare off with Sage.

Good grief. Yes, this week was the week of the old snip-snip, hoo-ha-ectomies, or if you prefer, spay and neuters. And the weather is very cold, and the poor dears needed to be where it was warm to 'recover'.

First the three girls went on Monday, and did very well. Mom transported them to and fro, and when I got home, Tempe was very alert, Trinity was subdued and Verity was flat out woozy and wobbly. After a bit a little snack and soon all three were on the mend. They never looked back, and it's been a struggle to keep them from acting like wild heathens. Both Verity and Trinity removed their stitch on the second day, but seem to be okay.

They have taken to the house with open paws, Tempe acting like she was lady born to the manor, Trinity embracing the couch with obvious delight and Verity frisking from one room to the other, toy firmly in mouth.

The old boys didn't know what to think, but seem pretty okay with it. When the kittens are in the cages they both walk by and hurl hisses and ugly threats, but when they are out, no troubles, yet.

Friday the three little boys went in for their little procedures, and have been hooting and hollering and having a great old time since the minute they got home. Noah weighed in at a whopping six pounds (blush) which I regret to point out is one pound less than his mother weighed when she had these kittens. The other two boys came in at a respectable and more reasonable weight of five (Gabe) and four something (Chaco).

This morning I just closed my eyes and let the full mob loose in the house. Other than systematically destroying my house it's going quite well. How soon I forget the energy of kitten. And nosey. Ex-cuse me, that is not your business little furbie. They are learning what 'no' means, but only on the big battles for now.

Wow, I must have boughten allot of cat toys for the boys over the years, and evidently the kittens have dug out every one of them....

They get out off and on during the day for a few hours at a time, then scream like banshees when they have to go back into their respective cages--after all this house business is fun. For the sake of the other occupants though, we all need some down time. Some of us more than others.

I have no room in my house, because of the kitty shanty town, but who needs space, right? I'm not sure what I'll do from here. I can't keep all of them in the house, and I know I'll have to make a decision quick, to be fair to the little grubs, but its so stinking hard.

Plans are for Noah to go to his new home on Wednesday. Isn't there anyone that would love to give a for-ever inside home to Trinity (calico who loves couches!) and Gabe (who might have a little attitude, but still has gobs of sweetness too). Everyone is fixed, and have all their vaccinations! Of course homes have to be approved, but I'd love to see these little ones find special homes of their own.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get all the baking done, plus assemble baskets, but it's not going very fast, and I'm losing steam. It's grey, dreary and very cold here today with a light spitting of snow. Good day to be inside baking, I reckon. Have a great weekend.

Sage hurls insults and taunts to the confined kitty population.


Deb said...

You definately have a houseful :)
They are all so cute - I hope you find great homes for the ones you want to. It's so hard to part with them.
Good luck!

kristi said...

But what is life without a handful of cats in the house?! I think you should just keep them all:)

Kathy said...

You know I would if we were closer! We might all be living out with the sheep, but what's one more? ;-)
Honestly, I would have loved to take one if it weren't for the 7 I have even with my allergies to cats.
Bless you for stepping up and taking responsibility for this little family. You will be me. Your karma is very good.
Hugs, Kathy

Tina T-P said...

Yes, very good karma - leads new meaning to the word zoo, doesn't it? T.

Vicki Lane said...

Christmas blessings to you, Tammy! I wish I could see the gang at play!