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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fairlight Jackdaw--Shetland Sheep of the Week

Fairlight Jackdaw
(TR Just Jack x Fairlight Duckie)
My flock is predominately moorit, or moorit carrying these days. Breeding season is fast approaching and I've been trying to finalize my plans. With so many brown based animals, I feel comfortable using a couple of black based rams this year. Since this post is about Jackdaw I'll feature Jeff at a later time.
Jackdaw is a 2009 ramling out of Three Ring Just Jack and Fairlight Duckie. He was my sole spotted lamb this year. Usually I don't keep my rams for breeding, since I have limited room to grow them out, but he was such a nice looking little fellow, I thought I'd give him some time to grow and see what happened. I have a sad lack of pictures of this little guy, because he has a problem....he is always eating. So out of dozens and dozens of pictures of him, I have maybe two that has his head sorta up. Most are not flattering.
I want to do some line breeding back on these sheep as they have many of the older lines in their pedigrees as well as not so common spotting genetics. JackieD and Jeff are both going to do this for me this year. I'm only planning on breeding five ewes. Three will go to JackieD and two to Jeff. All but one of those ewes should carry spotting genetics, and the fifth one has shown some promise. I'm hoping that Jackdaw will be like his dam and produce spots no matter what kind of pattern bred to. We shall see.
This little guy has the prettiest loud flecket markings, and his fleece looks like it is going to be a really nice soft intermediate. His horns should clear with room to spare. I was very concerned about his tail, but it is looking much better these days. For awhile it seemed to have a 'hairy' appearance, but I think it's going to be okay. It's by no means a tiny 'fluke' but the shape is correct and it isn't overly long. His hocks are actually better than what appears in the photo, as he was in the process of sidling away from me. He is wide and square front and back. He is black and white, although he looks brown, he is sun faded. I think. He wouldn't let me near him the other night after I stalked him with the camera. Anyhoo, I don't think that he is modified, but he does have modified in his background.
Temperament wise he is very calm, friendly, but not pushy. I just really like this little guy and hope that he can produce the elusive (for me) spots. This particular genetic package has clicked well in my ewe flock. Once breeding groups are set up, I hope to post more (and much, much better!) photos of him and the ewes he will have in his group. Of course I'll also post Jeff and his two girls as well.

The end.


Juliann said...

He looks nice!
That is a pretty good tail for a spottie, they are notoriously hard to get "just right". Length looks good.
I'd rather have a hairy tail than an overly wooly one. That was one problem I'm struggling with in my spotties.
Nice chest on him, too. Love the loud fleckets.

Michelle said...

I like his tail, and who wouldn't admire those loud, bright spots! Can't wait to see what he produces for you.

Shula said...

I like him. He has great markings and his horns look good. Looking forward to seeing what the babies he sires are like.

Donna said...

Very interested to see what he produces.....he's gorgeous! Or should I say....very handsome!!

Kathy said...

Awesome, Tammy! Nice looking young ram. He's a definite keeper! And I can't wait to see what he produces.

♥ tuğçe♥ said...

he looks so lovely

Journaling Woman said...

I bet the ewes will be knocking at his door. He is very handsome. I have to take the sister's word (and Allena's) on instruction of good points of a good sheep, since I know nothing professionally. I just know he's a cutie.

corinne said...

Really handsome boy! I am such a sucker for spotties : )