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Monday, July 27, 2009

Butterfly and That Other Cat

It looks like it won't be long now until Butterfly lambs...uh...kittens.. well whatever cats do. Much to her anguish she is being confined in a cage until after the event. I'm in the process of setting up the kitty condo, but in the meantime, Mom has her put up in a large crate at her barn. I finished getting the garage cleaned out this morning. All the hay raked up and taken out, pallets and tarps up off the floor. I'm very, very glad to have that done. I still need to do the other side, where I park the truck, but the hay storage side is done, in case I get a call from my hay man. In the meantime, Butterfly will be staying on that side. I cleaned up the kitty condo just a few minutes ago, and will assemble it in the garage.

Mom called in a panic this morning because the kitty wasn't there. She finally showed up and Mom nabbed her. She thinks she might have already had kittens, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't. Doesn't look like anything has nursed, she still has bulgy sides (and I think I felt a little kitten leg or something, when I was gently checking her out), and no bloody discharge. She still looks awfully fat too. Just in case, Mom is going to listen for little kitty cries when she does chores. (We know the general vicinity she would have them in.)

This is a very sweet cat, very docile. Mom named her Butterfly because of her many colors. I am starting a waiting list now for the kittens! Don't hesitate too long before adding your name, as I'm sure there will be a big rush. :-) Since we all know how rare kittens are...sigh. Really, though if you want a kitten, I'm sure there will be some available to good homes!

Butterfly will most likely be going back to Mom's barn after raising her kits and being spayed...unless someone wants to offer her a house home?

Out on the street through no fault of her own...

Then we have this other cat... Madison.

She is not sweet and not docile at all. What she is, is old and crotchety, and ungrateful. After ten years she left home and took up residence at Mom's barn. She loves living there with no other cats, and very few humans to bother her. She pretends like she doesn't know me. She probably thinks I'm going to force her back home.

Yesterday when I was down there, she let me pet her. Then she hissed at me and stalked off. Rude.

She isn't too happy with Butterfly hanging out near the barn, so I'm sure she will be thrilled when I remove her and bring her back up Madison's real home.

Lest you think this rejection hurts too terribly, you need to understand Madison. She has never been very friendly, accepting an occasional pat but not much more. Sometimes she would rub against my leg, but she hates to be picked up. Her expression can only be termed-glaring- for the most part. She also hates other cats, and dogs. She loved Jody (my sable/white collie) but has no use for any other four-leggeds. Very little use for two-leggeds either. I think the final straw for her was when I got Boone. She wasn't interested in co-existing or compromising with that, that thing.

I'm glad she has found somewhere to hang out and enjoy herself. She gets food and attention from Mom when she wants it. It seems I'm the only fly in the ointment when I'm down there intruding on her world.

Hi, Madison! How ya doin'?

I'm sorry, do I know you?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So what does Madison think of your parents' new DOG?

Nancy K. said...

My Daisy is a lot like your Madison. She will sometimes let me pet her but HATES to be picked up. She pushes against me, stiff legged, and leans as far away as she possibly can if I dare to try to hold her! She doesn't actually hiss or bite ~ just makes it perfectly clear that she would rather be ANY WHERE other than in my arms...

Tammy said...

Heidi is in the fenced yard at the house, and Madison is up at the garage/barn (a huge old structure that used to be a mechanics building). So it's be awhile before the twain shall meet.
Nancy, Sage is like that allot too---hates to be picked up, loves to be loved on (when he wants it, and only just so/so). He is definately torn between being snotty and being sweet. Madison is just a funny old soul, and I'm kinda happy for her, that she has her 'space' now.

L'Hélène said...

Butterfly is adorable! But Madison, what a b**ch! :-D

Vicki Lane said...

I have to giggle at Madison -- I actually really like cats like that.

Tina T-P said...

Oh, it's a good thing you live far away, that Butterfly is so pretty!

One never knows what goes on in the brain of a kitty - maybe Boone said something rude to her and she decided she didn't want to be around him - he, he, he...

Good luck with your mailbox hunt - we used to sell one that was made of sheet metal - bats just bounced off the sucker. T.

Kathy said...

If I didn't have the crew of 7 indoor cats I have now, Tammy, I'd take you up on Butterfly and one,, eleven...of the kittens. I think if I added another cat to our household I would have to buy a bigger house or go live in the barn with the sheep and chickens...the hubby thinks we have enough.