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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not To Be Left Out

Luna's Moorit Krunet Ram Lamb

Luna was due on Thursday, but I guess she figured if Rosemary was gonna lamb, she might as well too. When I got home from work (for the day) I was busy with the two tiny babies, but I did notice that Luna was acting squirrelly ---going out into the field by herself and looking at me with great suspicion. I was pretty tired by then, so the best I could do was, whatever...

I did go out and check her off and on, and she had moved to the Shetland barn, so she was definitely up to something. I wasn't as concerned about her, as she had lambed before and knew what to do.

In the meantime, a new show I wanted to watch came on, so I settled down to relax for an hour. The minute I did that, we had idiots show up in 'town'. This is a long story, and to put it shortly, we seem to be on the route for the local school kids to prank and hang out here, in the dead of night. There is more to it than that, but the gist of it is they come in, turn off their cars and lights, sometimes get out and prowl around and yada yada. It makes me furious, since we are talking private property. There have also been breakins around, so it's not easy to tell who is just up to what. Anyhoo...(as my blood pressure rises), I had to go investigate that, and call my folks to let them know we had yay-hoos in town again so they could cover their end of 'town'. I finally got sick of it, because by then, Luna was lambing full throttle, and I didn't want to worry about people roaming around while I was out there in the dark. I heard the people in their car, parked down the road, lights off etc etc. and Boone went all alert and boomed out a bark--and boy that dog can boom. I yelled out really loud, 'get 'em, boy, get 'em', and Boone complied by barking even more. Probably a coincidence, but they roared out of there pretty fast and didn't come back. ;-)

Proud momma and her leggy son

So in the meantime, Luna delivered a large leggy ram lamb with no problems. I thought she might twin, but she passed her afterbirth about an hour later. I gave her the same treatment, trimmed her udder and bedded a stall and penned her and the new lamb up. I gave him nutridrench,iodined the navel and sat back. He was vigorous and I was pretty sure he could figure it out on his own. When I did one of my checks on the twins later that night, I checked him again, and he had a full belly and warm mouth. All was good.

Wait mommy! I gotta get these leg things figured out!

Luna produced a yuglet sokket last year (Orion) so I figured her as my best bet for extreme color. Well, I figured wrong, but the little guy sure is cute with his large krunet marking. And I ask you, does he not remind you of Conway Twitty? That wave of excessive hair over the forehead? Hmmm? Unfortunately Conway seems to have stuck, but no one ever need know about the Twitty part....

Phew...can I go to bed now?

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I was reading along, feeling my own blood pressure rising, and wondering why you weren't siccing Boone on the jerks. Glad to hear you kinda did, and that he made his presence known. Don't you wonder about people who can't find better things to do? Luna's baby is a cutie, and I love the name!