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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Giant Marshmallows

Rain turned into ice, ice turned into sleet, sleet turned into snow......and snow turned into sunshine! The storm system has finally moved itself on out of the area and today, the sun finally broke through. We got four inches of snow last night on top of about an inch of sleet/ice. The roads were a mess, so our boss told us not to even try today, and who am I to argue with that! I think (hope) today will help the roads, as the sun hits the asphalt and activates some of that chemical.It sure is nice to have time to do chores at a leisurely pace and to take care of all those little things, instead of rushing through to get ready to head off for work. The sheep have hay in their big round feeder, but it was fun to drag out a half a square bale for them. Gives them something exciting in their lives on a snowy day. The chickens didn't want to walk in the white stuff, so I tossed some hay down in front of their door and most of them were standing in a miserable pile just outside of the door when I finished chores. Good news though, as they have started laying again. I'm getting two to three eggs per day, which is great since the weather is in the teens and the chickens are 'aged-ed'. They took about a six to eight weeks off, so I figure that is a reasonable vacation!

I shoveled off the paths, carried in more wood, did the normal chores, fed the birds and swept the floors. Now I'm planning on staying inside most of the day, and likely do some more paperwork and keep shoving the wood in the stove. The dogs are loving this white stuff--even old Ariel is out there plowing around every time I look outside. Boone loves it--he rolls in it, runs and just acts like the nut we all know he is. Those two sure are a funny looking 'pack'. ;-)

This is our first real snow of the year, and it's actually a bit of a relief that it finally turned into snow and quit that nasty freezing rain and sleet nonsense. I guess down south in Arkansas they sure got battered---many thousands without electricity. We were 'on the line' where it could have went either way for us.

Have a great day!

Insulated chore boots--Check.

Big smashed nosed farm dog helper--Check.


Berte said...

Oh my goodness..all that snow! But thank God for the sunshine. I love your giant marshmallows. Cute picture of the sheep.
RiverBend Farm

Pat in east TN said...

I was glad to see your post Tammy as I wondered if you were ok. Hopefully your roads will clear and you can get back to work, but glad you enjoyed your leisurely day at home.

Deb said...

Sorry you've had miserable weather but a day off is always fun :)
We're getting snow and lots of it but I'll take it instead of ice anytime!

Love your photos - Boone is a handsome fellow :)

kristi said...

Good to hear from you Tammy! We got lots of snow today also. I love the giant marshmellow label...too funny:) I still have your Sweet Annie in my barn!!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hurray! Another day off, with electricity! BTW, forgot to tell you that Annie didn't need surgery. When they took him to the WSU Vet School, the before-surgery x-rays showed that the OCD lesions had disappeared. He's a happy, healthy hound!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by Berte! We haven't had much severe weather this winter, just consistently cold. We needed the moisture, but it is still scary when all that 'liquid' precip. starts falling.Pat--I hope all this nasty icy stuff missed all of you folks in the south. Deb--you guys get so much snow! I'm really glad not to have to deal with that consistently. Kristi, I'm looking forward to that Sweet Annie this summer. Michelle, I'm so glad to hear that Annie is going to be okay. What a scary thing for such a youngin'. I guess that was in his favor though.