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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Minute Gift Idea

Start with a Rare Hubcap

Assemble your tools (ruler, Drill, (the dremel tool was back up to the drill), clock workings & stick on numbers.)

Finished Wall Hubcap Clock

So, I meant to get this posted weeks ago, but that didn't happen. I couldn't post it last year, because it was going to my brother and I didn't want him to see it. It's a pretty simple project to make, once you find all the 'ingredients'. In this case, my brother has always been a talented mechanic, so I wanted to make something car related. I had seen this idea somewhere on the Internets a while back, so that got the wheels turning, so to speak.

The hardest part was finding a hubcap. I know. Those things used to be everywhere, but suddenly I couldn't find any. I looked at flea markets, along the roadside, asked friends and family. I didn't go the junk yard, but they probably do have hubcaps there. Finally one of my friends came through and found one for me.

The clock kit itself can be purchased at a hobby store, like Hobby Bobby (uh, Lobby) for around $5-6 dollars, plus a little set of stick on numbers which is around $3. Unless your hubcap has a conveniently placed hole in the middle you will need to drill one hole. This hubcap had a plastic insert in the area I needed to drill and managed to crack a little. The clock innards covered that up though.

Once you get the hole drilled, you place the little stem of the clock kit in the hole and tighten up the back. It requires batteries to run and you are in business. I did have a little trouble getting the thing to run properly and since I waited to the last minute, I just went ahead and sent my brother this clock plus an extra set of the clock mechanism. He said it worked fine though and seemed to enjoy it.

Christmas is almost here! Ack! I've got to go and start the baking marathon, since I put that off to the last minute too.


Pat in east TN said...

The hubcap clock is a neat idea and one I will keep in mind for either, or both, of my sons for next year.

I did my baking today ... a long process, but I feel good about everything and over the next couple of days will share with friends/neighbors.

Vicki Lane said...

Love this! Will pass it on to a friend whose brother is a car guy!

Tina T-P said...

What a cool gift for a mechanic! Very clever! T.