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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Dogs

Just thought I'd post some old pictures of the dogs. Jody passed away two years ago. Ariel is now 11 and Boone looks a whole lot better than he did in some of these pictures. You can see how puppyish looking he was, even though he was still thin and his hair hadn't slicked down yet. Hope you enjoy.
Jody--just home from the groomer

Jody, just groomed. (That is sweet Salome the Himalayan just behind her)

Ariel, just home from the groomers (they went twice and hated it both times! ;-)
Ariel and Boone, checking out an interesting scent
Beautiful Jody and Boone, shortly before Jody passed on
The pack.... a couple months after Boone joined us.
Ariel & Jody out for a walk in the field

Scrawny Boone and the girls out for a walk (Boone is on a flexi-lead)
Jody and Boone on the pond bank.
Jody on the pond bank...kinda looks like a scene out of Lassie
Boone....lets play ball!

Boone and Jody

Good dogs, good days.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Definitely a scene out of Lassie! Me thinks you are pondering a puppy.... :-)

Wrensong Farm said...

I can't imagine life without my dogs, those that are in my current pack and the ones that went on before. Looking at photos of my past dogs is always so bittersweet, but it makes me remember the wonderful times I had with them. Thanks for sharing!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Ah,good dogs :-)

Nancy K. said...

My Lord, your collies are beautiful! Kind of like the "Beauties and the Beast"!


you know that I LOVE Boone...

P.S. I nominated you for the BFF (Blogging Friends Forever) award...

Pat in east TN said...

Ahhh, the love of my present dog and the love/good memories of all my past dogs.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

What beautiful pictures and beautiful dogs. I bet your memories are even more wonderful. blessings, Kathleen

Tammy said...

I agree--the memories are bittersweet on past dogs, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Michelle---not sure I'm up for a puppy, and probably not another dog right now, but I just miss when they were young and strong and there wasn't so much worry about them. Thanks, Nancy! That is so sweet--I'll try and get a post up about who I'd like to nominate this week--looks like several folks have looked up Boone's Christmas post due to your link.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I love Lassie Dogs! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with all of us.....

phylliso said...

I`m sitting here all teary eyed,your Jody looks so much like my Max,I miss him so much.Thank-you for taking me a walk with your dogs,I love it.Your photos are awesome,phylliso