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Thursday, September 04, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog

Gustav trailed into Missouri Tuesday afternoon, and it's been raining ever since. This is a good thing though. The rains for the most part have been steady but gentle. Because I keep forgetting to check or empty my rain gauge, I'm unsure exactly how much we've gotten, but I'm pegging it at least 4 inches, maybe a little more. We desperately needed the rain, even the weeds were wilting down to the ground. With this good soaking rain, it's looking very promising for fall pasture. The grass started greening up almost immediately.

I have much to blog about, but not much time or energy right now! Hopefully after this weekend. The Celtic Festival is Saturday, and as usual I have waited til the bitter end to get everything ready for it. The two Moorit wethers, Angus and Aberdeen, who will be representing the Shetland Sheep, have been getting last minute halter lessons, and learning the joys of scritches and cookies. Angus is all for it, but Aberdeen has some reservations. I've separated them totally from the flock, in the hopes that they won't baa all day! There is still roving and fleeces to pack, flyers and signs to make and other preparations. It does sound like the weather is going to be really nice though. The rain is suppose to move out today, and the temps will be in the 70s! Regardless, this year, we will be under cover in one of the livestock barns, so that will be nice.

The three day weekend was wonderful, and then Tuesday I got to meet for coffee with Michelle from Boulderneigh and Allena from Three Ring Ranch. That was pretty darn neat, and I hope to get that posted soon.

On a sadder note, Ariel, my little collie girl, doesn't seem to be doing too good. She continues to get weaker, (although as stubborn as ever) but is still eating good--as long as its special eats. We had some extremely hot, humid days, and I am hoping this contributed to her fading a bit. She seemed a little stronger and more alert last night, and even had a dry doggie biscuit and showed her concern that Boone had gotten a rawhide bone and she hadn't (of course she got one, even if she never touched it--it was the principle of the thing, you see). We will see how it goes.

Little wet Rouen, eating some 'consolation-cause-it's-raining' hay
Next week I'll try and get back on track. In the meantime, hope you all are having a great week.

Gracie's says "You talk about a bad hair (wool) day!"


Corinne R. said...

I hope Ariel is feeling better.
We have been getting Gustaved today too, which is great because everything was getting really dry...I was worried that I was going to have to start feeding hay way too early this fall.

Pat in TN said...

Glad you're getting some rain Tammy ... I know we were very thankful last week with the rain we got.

Hope Ariel feels better too.

Kathy said...

OK, Tammy...where does one put in orders for those adorable Shetland sheep (the felted ones)? :) You are so talented!!!!!

Is Ariel feeling better? I will keep thoughts and prayers headed your direction...if you feel a soft breeze on your face that's just a SW'n kiss and hug. :)

Tammy said...

The rain was much appreciated and needed here too. Maybe hope for a fall cutting of hay now, plus extending the life of the pasture. Thanks Kathy--if you've got 'someone' in mind you want felted, let me know, and I can felt them out of similar wool or their own if you send some. It would be fun. Probably take me awhile, since winter is a better time for projects for me.
Ariel seems to be doing a bit better--she is holding her head more normally, and while still weak and fragile and quiet weird acting about some things, she is perkier and eating well. So hopefully we've dodged the bullet for a little while anyway. Thanks for thinking of her.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Ariel may need pain management meds for a while. If she's getting older, sometmes painful joints can put them off their food. If the rest of her body is still kinda good, I'd talk to the vet about getting some pain meds to ease her through it so she can eat better. Humans are the same - too much pain and you don't want to eat. Just a thought!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the info. and for stopping by! Ariel is doing better at this point. She has been on an enteric aspirin per day for awhile now, for her hips/joints, as this was considered the safer choice. I have talked to many people on some of the other pain relief meds like Rimyadil and Prevacoix and am really hesitant to use it unless there is no other choice. I have Prevacoix on hand if 'the going gets too rough' for her, though. I always appreciate ideas from people because it's easy to sometimes overlook things when you are in the middle of it.