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Monday, August 11, 2008

Two Dogs In A Tub...Sort Of.....

How Could You?

Friday was dog bathing day. Only two dogs, so not that big a deal. I had gotten Ariel brushed out and mostly de-matted the day before, so that helped. She still has a few, but we are getting there. Boone thought he needed to be brushed and 'de-matted' too, so I spent some time on him as well. I decided to use Boone's pool to 'soak' them in, since it was handy and Ariel in particular needed to sit and soak. It worked out well, and I drained it after the bathing event, so it was nice and clean when I refilled it later.

Boone Refuses to Look At Me. How COULD I.

Even Wet, Old Ariey Still Has 'It'

I have to turn Ariel out of the yard into the front pasture, so she won't find a big dusty spot to roll in, first thing. The front is pretty much grass covered, so out she goes for awhile. Bathing two dogs, one short haired is really a snap. Once upon a time I used to have two collies and a Pom to beautify!
The Humiliation of it All.

When I first got Boone, he had to have a bath every 7 days, so he got pretty used to being bathed. He still doesn't like it, but he is good about it. Except getting in his pool (what???)--it was all scary with floaty soap suds. Big dork. I had to lift in one paw at a time. Let me tell you, if this dog doesn't want to go somewhere--he doesn't go!
Ha--See How The Camera Likes This!

Anyway, the doggies are all shiny and clean and smell much, much better, even if they do harbor bitter feelings about it all.

Okay, No Bitter Feelings, But We Deserve A BIG Treat for Being So Good! Don't We?

Yes, sweet puppies, you do.


Nancy K. said...

Talk about "Beauty and the Beast"!


Somehow, your Boone has worked his way into MY heart..... (actually, I shouldn't say "somehow". I know exactly how it happened. It was your heart-wrenching/heart-warming story about how he came to live with you!

And Ariel is such a beauty.

Janna's Page said...

OH that is too funny!

We don't have so easy of a time bathing out Great Pyr!

Pat in TN said...

I love the pictures of your pups and the story/captions that go along with them.

Susan M. Bell said...

Beautiful dogs...but Boone..there is just something about him. Must be that face.

We used to bathe our cats. It was OK when they were little and we kept it up, but after we let it go for a while and decided to pick it back up...forget it. We used the kitchen sink and one of them literally climbed the curtains. He ended up having to lick off what soap we managed to get on him. He was third in the line of four, and Face (she would have been the fourth to get a bath) took one look at him on the curtains and went off to another room and hid. She wasn't having any part of that.

Good thing cats bathe themselves.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Love the looks of disgust and humiliation you captured. Dogs are so expressive!

Kathy said...

I love it! I'd say something "smart-assed" like, "That's why I have cats", but I bathe the cats every now and then too...
Good dogs!