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Saturday, August 02, 2008

O r bs and Other Weirdness

One night, after another violent downpour, it cleared off, and I went outside. The moon was surrounded by weather rings, looking like a round rainbow. My little camera can't ever handle the moon, but I keep trying to capture it.

The play of light from the moon and moisture in the air, gave a mystical streets of-London- Jack- the-Ripper quality to the night scene. I decided to try and capture the feel of it on the camera. Click. What in tarnation is that? The screen of the camera was filled with amorphous shapes, looking like so much frost on a window pane. I snapped another. Huh. Same thing. Convinced now my camera was on its last snap, I went inside, and took a picture of the recliner. Well, that picture was nice and clear and, well, useless.
I finally deduced that I had actually caught, in action, a rare picture of the elusive 'heavy humidity and moisture in the air'. I mean we aren't often 100 percent humidity for nothing.

Either that or I was in the middle of a council meeting of g h o s t ly o r b-ish like not of this world...uh.. things. From what I can ascertain if you are a serious g h o s t stalker you can tell allot about the netherworlds from what is not in a picture you take. Yep. I swear.

Then again, don't get too excited--those larger white objects in the background are just sheets, hanging on the fence, doing their job of protecting the clematis from sheep lips.


(Note.... keywords have been cleverly disguised with spaces, so as not to draw in o r b and Casper h u n t e r s. It's a long story.....)

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Vicki Lane said...

I really like the weird picture, particularly after I biggified it.

Ah, the joy of digital cameras and trying to capture the moon (which is a great phrase, by the way!)