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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Back on Track.... Sorta

Early Spring--Apple tree and Redbud tree branches intertwine

Early Spring--River Birch with pink Dogwood in the background

Redbud with River Birch limbs in background

It's hard to know where to begin, after being 'away' for awhile. I appreciate all your kind thoughts, prayers and notes over the past few weeks. My Mom seems to be doing really well. Each day she gets a little stronger and more like herself. It will take awhile before she is 'raring to go'---the doctor's say about 4-6 months before everything is healed and she will be released to normal life again. In the meantime, all her vitals remain good and strong and she increases her activity a little each day. Modern medicine is pretty wonderful, as it seems every year--probably every day--they come up with ways to make surgeries and procedures safer and less invasive. However, I'd be happy to never have to experience the modern medical monster that up close and personal again. (and I'm sure Mom would agree! ha) :-) Wishful thinking, I know. Please keep my Mom in your prayers as she continues to heal, and adapt her lifestyle. I'm just so very thankful that she got to the doctor when she did.
On the home front, Spring is marching along, or is it summer already? I forget.... Regardless, from the shagginess of my yard, front pastures, flower and veggie beds, it's finally warm weather and nature is bursting at the seams. This week, I've been whacking away at the jungle. Mowing, weeding and moving fences, so the sheepies can help me in the battle. (Although sometimes the sheepies become the battle....but that's another story). This weekend I have three days off, and I hope to get flower and vegetable seeds sown and also plant some of the older plants I've been accumulating since early spring.
The lambs are growing like weeds and almost all are for-sale this year. I will be keeping one or two of the ewe lambs to add Locksfield Griffin genetics to my flock. I hope to get updated pictures this weekend of the little ones. The oldest Shetland twins (moorit rams) tower over the youngest set of twins (Duckie's smirslet ram and black ewe), and it's amusing to watch the interaction. My website has been updated with all the current for sale information and pictures. Some of the sheep have been spoken for, and am awaiting deposits.
I went to the Fiber Fair in Marshfield over the past weekend, which I hope to post more about later. The crowds were very good, better than last year I think. I sold a couple of fleeces, and quite a bit of roving. I also passed out oodles and gobs of brochures, business cards and sales-lists to people who are interested in acquiring Shetland sheep. While I was gone, Jeffery and Callum (Shetland ram and wether) made a break for it and were nonchalantly standing in the shade, bellies fat and full, when I got home. At least they didn't go 'visiting'.
Kind of a rambling post, but I hope to be posting more this week. Things are still hectic but it'll all get done eventually!
Have a good week!


Kathy said...

Tammy, Your mother is indeed in my thoughts and prayers! Tell her to do what the Dr. says and take her meds (especially the pain meds - our older generation seems to have a problem taking pain meds thinking they will become addicts - in reality the pain meds will help her heal faster)

I envy you your green spring. I gotta get out of AZ! I'm tired of short green seasons, no rain, and sun all the time! :)

Janna's Page said...

I am glad your mother is doing better. I will keep her in my thoughts.

ROFL on Jeff and Callum.. I doubt my two would go very far either if they got out.. They know where the "goodies" come from.


Tammy said...

Boy Kathy, you hit the nail on the head with that one. It took awhile before we convinced her to take the pain tablets. The doctor told her he wanted her up and moving, and if she had to take pain tablets to do it, then do it! She finally realized that it was okay to take them and it really helped her after she got home for those first four or five days. I think she hasn't taken any for a few days now though. :-) I love the rugged mystery of the west, but I would sure mix all the verdant green that is almost overwhelming around here this time of year! And, man, I sure don't think I could handle all your snow and short growing season. Take care,
Janna--I was just lucky it wasn't that time of the year when certain rams would happily go visiting the ewes if they got the chance. They just had food on their minds this time. ;-) Tammy