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Monday, March 03, 2008

Sage at Fourteen....

....Pounds that is! To be more precise slightly over fourteen pounds. At a little over a year and half he is defiantly still a growing boy.

An ornery growing boy.

At times I am sure he is going through another growing spell, because he gets real mean, and he looks real mean. Like a cranky kid that needs a nap real bad. He will be like that for a day or two, then return his normal ornery self.

He is a mixture of ornery and sweet, although he will deny the sweetness. Even when he is being sweet, he has a vacant expression in his eyes--like I'm not here, this is not me purring and enjoying pets. Nope.

He gets very excited when I come home from work. He runs like a maniac from one end of the house to the next. Nothing is safe. Not that he means to destroy things, but when you have fourteen pounds of pure klutz running crazy, well things happen. Things like sliding off the trunk and pulling the curtains down. Or getting up on a shelf and having the whole thing collapse on you, because it wasn't made to hold fourteen pounds of cat. Or managing to push off an entire work table of papers, while you make yourself 'comfortable' in the middle. Things like that. Things that get you yelled at allot.
Most of the time, no matter what I'm doing he has his nosy face stuck in my business. Usually offering a helpful paw or two. At night he flops against my legs with gusto, and takes a long and noisy bath until he finally cleans up all that white and falls asleep, exhausted, no doubt.

In the morning if I don't get up early enough, he walks up and stares at me. If that doesn't work, a little mrrr-chirp question. If I persists in trying to sleep, he will walk across me. (That always gets my attention). If all else fails, a quick run through the house to gain momentum and then one dramatic kamikaze dive onto me.

Over the last year he has settled down so much, thankfully. He still gets into everything he shouldn't, but he is kinder to Meshach at least. He still carries around those stupid little teddy bears, and I find them most often stuck up on the bed. He answers questions when I ask them. (Although I'm not sure what those answers might be!). All in all he has turned into a pretty decent feline citizen, and after all we can't all be know for our gracefulness.

I had just about gotten on his last nerve here as I tried to get a decent picture of him. :-) Can you see the swishy tail. Like I'm so scared.....well, maybe a little.


PerfectTosca said...

I have three cats and I really love my cats let me tell you. I also understand the concept of the Five Razors. My cat $nack is a real pain though. She steals my toys and hides them. And sometimes she just dumps them in my water dish. I am trying to find another home from her without letting The Woman know.

I am going to do a post on you making me a Perfect Honorary Sheep. So if you get visits from dogs and cats with blogs it's because they are checking you out and they are gonna probably be jealous.

Kathy said...

He'd fit right in here, Tammy! We have Ziggy the Hut, who injured his back when younger so now surveys everything from favorite places. At 22 lbs. he can be daunting, especially when I take him outside for a walk on a leash 'round the place - he can get those 22 lbs. moving pretty fast when he wants to.

Give SageCat a pat from me, will ya? :-)