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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Secret Addictions Part 1

...or cleaning out the rat's nests.......

This addiction seems to be more prevalent than one would think. It's out there, whether you admit to it or not. Something, just something about a clean notebook of any form, shape or size. Never been used. The possibilities are endless. Opening to that first page, making the first stroke with your pen. This could be it. The greatest story ever written or your whole life organized and efficient in this notebook! However once they have been used... they lose their intrinsic appeal. They can't be thrown away of course, since they still have lots of good paper, so you spend hours tearing out all the written on, now worthless pages, and the little paper spirals in the binders. You might use them someday. If the world ends as we know it. In the above picture 'old, used, therefore unappealing' notebooks are in the back stack. The front stack represents fresh, new, world at their feet notebooks!

Pens, pencils, anything that writes or erases.
Two things. Good news--I got a bunch of these sharpies for Christmas, from my niece. Bad news---this isn't any of my special drawing pens, pencils and erasers. This is just the regular pen/pencil storage. And this sorta ties into another addiction of mine--useful decorative tins(primarily flat shaped, with interesting lids-preferably hinged....) Yet you see how I've tied one into the other to take up less space? Brilliant don't you think??

These next two pictures show progress. Yes, I have cleaned off both my desk and my table in the back room. Woo hoo. Now if they'd just stay that way. I mean there is just something about a clean table or desk. All that clear space, begging you to sit down, with that new notebook, write that list or story or........;-)


Tammy said...
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Kathy said...

You remind me that I need to clean off this big computer desk I bought last year. I need to be better about filing/getting rid of/etc. papers that come in. I pile them up going to "get to them"...and sometime never comes around. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tessa said...

Great day in the morning! I sincerely hope that you got rid of SOME of those notebooks!!!!!!! This is what happens when I am not there to force people to throw things away. ;)

Allena said...

You have made me realize a pro and con to having lots of kids.

Pro - old notebooks will instantly be colored in and filled with drawing and other such markings

Con - this also happens with any in use notebooks if you take your eyes off for one second...

My solution? I use the graph paper type notebooks, so the kids know if it has squares on it, it belongs to Mom. They also are pretty good at keeping out of Dominic's homework books. -