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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Breeding Group Number One

Featuring Sheltering Pines Jerome
(Underhill TS Eliot x Sheltering Pines Camelot)
Moorit/White Smirslet Flecket


Fairlight Magena
(Minwawe Redford x Locksfield Tabitha)

Fairlight Birdie
(Fairlight Jeffery x Shandrew Rouen)

Fairlight Selena
(Minwawe Redford x Fairlight Blackberry Winter)
Moorit (possibly Fawn)

This little group of ewes will be joining Sheltering Pines Jerome over at Allena's for the fall breeding season. Two of these ewes are Minwawe Redford daughter's and will hopefully carry enough spotting genetics to click with Jerome and produce some spots. The third ewe, Birdie is a lovely little black Fairlight Jeffery daughter. Jeff is a Stone Ridge Harris son, and has produced some pretty flashy Ag fleckets. Birdie's mother is a Windsor River grand daughter so I'm hoping there might be some color coming from this cross as well. Birdie is a last minute substitute for Fairlight Luna, another Redford daughter. Luna has picked up an off and on cough and I did not want to stress her by moving her to a new location or risk her 'sharing' with Allena's sheep. She seems fine, but I don't want to take any chances. The idea was to send all the moorit based Redford daughters to Jerome to get moorit lambs and up the chance of 'splash'.

However, sending Birdie instead should be interesting too. It might let me know if Birdie carries moorit and it will be fun to see what she produces. I'm excited about all three of these matches, and it will be hard to wait to see what is produced in the Spring! Jerome has a 'kindly' or UK type fleece, and the two Moorit girls have an intermediate fleece type. Birdie has a primitive double coated fleece.

I will be setting up a larger breeding group here with seven more ewes (plus one from Allena) with Locksfield Griffin. I'll post pictures of them when I can.

Whew... can't even believe its fall already! So much to do, so little time! ;-)

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Sounds like you and Allena have worked out the perfect arrangement for shuffling rams and ewes around to create your breeding groups of choice. I'm really excited for you, and trying not to be jealous. I have a great plan in mind that would set me up good for the next few years, but without selling three of my girls (and I'm not having any luck there) I can't move forward on it. Oh well....