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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Easy Summer Salad

Easy Rice Salad

Last week I had company on a Friday night. Fellow Sheep breeders, we had lots to discuss, and sheep to look at. We planned a quick and easy meal, with Allena and her family bringing some store bought fried chicken. The weather has been unreasonably hot, so something light and easy was needed. I finally decided on two side dishes--one being the always kid-favorite and easy to fix Macaroni and Cheese and the other a 'cold rice' salad. I'd never even heard of one, much less fixed a dish like this, but when I did a quick search on 'easy side dishes' a version of this came up. I modified it and it really did taste good. Here is the 'recipe'.

Rice (I used the five minute as rice and I struggle) Prepared as directed & refrigerated
Sea salt (to taste)
Balsamic Vinegar (I added about 3-4 squirts--again add to taste)--blend well, and if you can let the rice/vinegar sit overnight as it adds flavor)
Fresh Tomatoes & broccoli (cut up and have ready to add--you can add whatever types of veggies you think will compliment the taste--I used both red and yellow tomatoes for color)
Sharp shredded Cheddar cheese
Can of red pinto beans, rinsed and drained
An hour or two before serving, add the veggies, cheese and beans, toss together

Provide Italian dressing for individuals to use over salad.

This salad doesn't keep well after a few days--the broccoli develops a strong bitterness to it for some reason.

Takes less than 15 minutes to pull together! Enjoy.

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