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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

4,000 Free Books......

....and I only took 32!

Granted by the time I heard about it and got there, they were getting pretty picked over. Still, I've waited my whole life for someone to say here are a thousand books--take what you want!

I'm not sure what the story is, but I think a smaller school library was getting rid of its older books/surplus and this man bought them because he couldn't stand to see them destroyed. Then, in conjunction with one of the churches offered them free to anyone who wanted to come by and get them.

I didn't look really hard at the books that caught my fancy, but just grabbed them up and stuffed them in my box and moved on. After all there were other free book shoppers all over the place. My co-worker and I both went, in fact she is the one I heard it from, so between us we carried out two good sized boxes worth.

There were many, many kids books--the older ones from the 60s and 70s. I read books like this all the time in grade school. Strange little stories with wonderful illustrations. I buy old children's books when they strike my fancy, because many of them are beautifully illustrated.

I got quite a few books about kittens and cats, dogs, horses. "Nic of the Woods" about a long tailed cocker spaniel has the most wonderful detailed blue/grey toned drawings.

I also got books called 'The Cherokee Removal", "Three Ships Come Sailing", "The Magic Carousel", an older Ag book on Pasture Management and on and on.

Do I need 32 more books? Naw... but that doesn't stop me.

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