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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Selena--a few hours old--March 2006
I thought I would do a couple of posts on the colors of some of my Shetlands. There is much confusion out there regarding what certain colors really are. I must admit, I'm as confused as the next person. I'm setting this up, before I actually shear, at which time, I hope to have a better idea of what color Selena is. She has a lovely buttery soft fleece, but I'm unsure as to the color. Her sire is Minwawe Redford, who is registered as a Moorit Smirslet Sokket and her dam is Fairlight Blackberry Winter who is an Ag Grey. Her mother also has horn buds, hence Selena's wacky little horns. Selena was born a dark moorit and lightened to a golden color throughout the summer, although her face and legs have stayed dark. Her fleece has a grey tinge to it, but its not the defining Ag greying that you see in a grey or musket sheep. So take a gander, and tell me what you think! I'd love to hear opinions and discussion.

Next two pictures--Selena at three weeks or so old.

Selena---Late Summer 2006 on a rainy day--this shows the overall grey cast to her fleece.

Selena----early fall 2006---Beautiful!

The next four pictures taken April 2007--just before shearing

You want to see my beautiful spot?

Are you SURE the cookies are all gone?
Selena in all her nekkid splendor!
See the post on Luna to for a sample picture of her fleece. Glorious fleece it is too, except it has some kind of dander/dry skin problem. ARGH. I've had several tips on trying to salvage it, but will have to wait until after the upcoming fiber event (for which I am mightily scrambling to get ready for!!) in a few weeks. Hopefully then I'll have more time!


Tina T-P said...

Hi Tammy - I've enjoyed reading your blog - and I have nominated it for the Thinking Blogger Award! Check my blog for more info - Tina

Allena said...

Selena is beautiful all around. Looks like she's very friendly too. I love her "nekkid Splendor" lol. Sheep are nekkid after aren't they? Not naked, not nude, but nekkid. Brightened up my day.

Tammy said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for nominating me for the Thinking Blogger Award! I am honored and I'm glad you visit my blog. I'm kinda short on time right now and can't figure out how to link back etc., so I'm not sure I'll get to carry it on. But did want you to know I appreciate it! :-)

Hi Allena,
Selena is one of my favorites and loves attention! Yep, Nekkid pretty much sums them up after being 'de-fleeced'! They look so small and sweet...