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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bloomin' Flowers

Evening Primrose
My Grandma gave a start of these to me years and years ago. From those couple of spindly little plants, they continue to bloom and spread each year. I love them. My Grandma has passed away, but I think of her every time I look at these lovely, low maintenance flowers.

Finally the flowers are back. Color is starting to dot the green landscape again. After the hard freeze in April, all our flowers were gone. It was strange and they were missed. Plants that were protected (by weeds for instance.....) are now producing a few random blooms. I enjoyed 'stalking' them with a camera and wanted to share this weekend's beauty.
Very Light Pink Peony
This is the only peony I had that didn't get frozen back--its a 'speciality' one and blooms later than my regular 'old fashioned' ones which bud out really early.


I have no idea what 'variety' this is, but think the color is so lovely. Several years ago a co-worker and I were offered all the Iris we wanted if we came and helped dig them---I got lots of colors and varieties, although some have been 'weeded' out by the sheep. I found this one nestled under a tree in some tall weeds-one of the few iris blooms to make it through the freeze.

Pink Clematis--Variety Unknown

A few years after I moved in here, a little plant came up and started vining up the fence beside the gate. The next year it started producing these lovely huge pink flowers. After some research I realized it was a Clematis. Where it came from I have no idea---I sure didn't plant it and I'm still working on getting one to grow on the other side of the gate! It's normally covered with huge blossoms.

Morning Beauty

Without digging through the mulch to find the little plant information tag, I can't remember what this plant is. I planted it a couple of years ago, and it has thrived and added to the 'cottage garden' theme I enjoy.

Most of my plants and flowers have been gotten from friends and family, so it seems each has a story and memories abound along with the blossoms.

Have a good week.

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