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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This and that

Our beautiful fall colors are pretty much gone now, as far as the leaves go anyway. The grass is especially green now after the rains, so its still quite lovely, with the green grass glittering through the orange and red leaves. We got several inches of much needed rain. The above picture was taken after most of the trees had started to lose their leaves, but this mighty oak was just starting its show of color.

Sage's surgery went off without a hitch yesterday. It was pretty hard getting ready for work, as he couldn't have any food or water, and cats are so expectant of their routine. Meshach thrives on routine and I waited until the last minute to feed and water him. So this meant he missed out on his drinking from the bathroom faucet, the shower faucet, AND getting his two little bits of canned cat food--all in a structured routine way. Sage has a routine too, but he is still learning the ropes, so is a bit flexible. He sure didn't understand it though. Brushing my teeth was an ordeal, as both cats love to get a drink of running water from the faucet--which I normally let run first and they drink and go away so I can then brush my teeth. Two very large cats in a small sink doesn't help at all.

Sage rode in the carrier part of the way to the vet and part of the way he was loose in the truck. He was a really good little fella. I was a bit surprised that the vet's office was still closed when I go there. The vet doesn't normally get there until 8:30 but the girls are usually there at 8:00. Finally at 8:10 one of the gals got there. I took Sage in and proudly told her he now had a name. About that time the vet came in, and was talking to Sage and I told Doc that I had told Sage he was going to have a very bad day...... Doc agreed, but said he would be gentle with him.... Luckily Sage ended up being the first one on the chopping block, er, surgery table, and that is always good. He was waking up and had his tongue sticking out before 11 a.m. I always warn the girls that I will be calling a few times to check on him. I really appreciate C. as when I call she always takes the phone and walks back to give me a blow by blow account of what the animal is doing. This makes me feel better. :-0

After work I went and picked him up. He was quite alert, but seemed very sore. The surgery cost $30.00, which seemed very reasonable. On the way home, he stood with his front feet on me and just looked and looked at my face. He was very happy to get home. Meshach was a mess. Poor little sensitive guy. He didn't come out of hiding for 5 minutes or so after I got home (he is always waiting at the door), and when he saw Sage he walked over and licked him on the head, then Sage turned his nether regions towards him and Meshach started hissing and hissed around most of the night. I guess it smelled real bad.... Meshach wouldn't eat his little canned cat food bits, so the supposedly sick and wounded Sage, gobbled both his and Mesh's and then started on some dry food, and a then a big long drink of water (this was after the big relief of using the litter pan.) Sage was a bit quieter than normal and took several naps on the bed. He also got in the washer (no water or clothes in it) but couldn't get out, as his hinder parts were sore, so I had to lift him out and put the lid down. At five a.m. this morning, he attacked my feet and anything else that moved under the covers, and seems no worse for wear. He jumped Meshach a few times, and I told Mesh to kick him in the ex-private parts, but he wouldn't do it.

By the way, I've found a 30 cc syringe filled with water is a good deterrent to ornery kitty attacks on big cats! ;-)

I am very relieved that it is over. I know I sound paranoid, but I have a rather difficult track record with my animals. (I lost both my Collie and Himalayan house kitty this year). So its always a big sigh of gratitude when they get thru these necessary surgeries.

On the sheep front, it seems breeding season is winding down. I'm going to start moving some of the girls back out to the main group as they've passed the date when they would have their second heat if they weren't bred. I'll leave the ewes in until they each pass that second date. I have three that I suspect were bred early on, and I missed the signs, but for the other six I have confirmed dates. This is so helpful at lambing time--its easy to know when to start increasing feed, and when to keep an extra watchful eye on the ones that are due. Hopefully if all goes well, this will be a busy, but short lambing season. Redford has made one almost sucessful escape attempt to join the ewes he isn't suppose to be with. So I ended up moving the panels back and creating an even larger 'no rams land'. He seems bored with his girls, so I'm pretty sure his 'job is done' there. Soon, I'll be moving him back to the rams pen.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So glad to hear that the Weed is back home again safely. It was a relief to learn that our newest cat was already spayed, so she wouldn't have to be put at risk before coming here. That reminds me . . . I need to put a post about Oreo on my blog . . . .